8 Home Selling Tips to Avoid

1. Don’t … ask for too much money. Have a few realtors evaluate the price of your home or get a comparative market analysis, and – this is key – don’t ignore them.

2. Don’t …skip the marketing. Give your realtor plenty of notice that your house is for sale so that they can research comparable homes and set a good price, have professional photos taken, etc.

3. Don’t … go it alone, unless you know what you’re doing. A realtors’ expertise is a valuable tool. They know what’s selling around you, and for what price.

4. Don’t … neglect to fix things that are broken. Do a walk-through of your own home, pretending that you’re seeing it for the first time. What things have you always meant to fix?

5. Don’t … get emotionally involved. You want to keep the space neutral so that buyers can envision themselves in the space. Think about your house as a commodity, not an extension of your identity.

6. Don’t … leave your stuff everywhere. Before you put the house on the market, get a few boxes and grab every extraneous thing you see: photos, knick-knacks, books and anything that might make the space feel bigger to a potential buyer.

7. Don’t … get offended by a lowball offer. Buyers are trying to buy your house for the lowest price possible, don’t blow them off. Come back with a counteroffer. Typically most buyers will come back with a second offer, which is a better indication of what they’re really willing to pay.

8. Don’t … lose a sale over something small. Don’t throw away a deal over wanting to keep the curtains you found at a crazy flea market or the light fixture you discovered at an antiques store. Replace them with something else before you show the house.